My Favorite Photos of Me | A Capture Your 365 Blog Hop

My son Jacob enjoys photography nearly as much as I do, and one of the benefits of his passion is that I am often his subject.  Nothing reveals my vanity and pride more than my desire to edit his pictures of me.   However, once I get past my appearance, I enjoy his photos of me.   He tries to capture me going about my day, and I remind myself that this is what I look like to my family and friends.

Here are my favorite pictures of myself, shot by Jacob.

On a photowalk with Jacob, March 12, 2012. Image

Sitting in the schoolroom, February 9, 2012. Image

With Joseph, March 8, 2012. Image

With my sister Leslie, April 8, 2012. Image

Practicing a silhouette,  April 18, 2012. Image

Swimming, May 4, 2012. Image

Who takes pictures of you?  Do you let them?

Thanks for stopping by on our summer blog hop.   Please visit Karen next!

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5 thoughts on “My Favorite Photos of Me | A Capture Your 365 Blog Hop

  1. These are wonderful! I hand my camera over to my husband, but they are most often posed photographs and not the relaxed, everyday photos your son has taken. He captured a few of my daughter and me laughing together during our last visit, and they’re among my favorites.

  2. These are great!! I always hate shots of me, but I know some day my kids will be glad to have them, so any time anyone offers to take one of us together I let them. The vast majority of shots of me were taken by random strangers – including just this past Friday when the girl selling tickets at the movie theater offered to take one. 🙂

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