When I Can’t Delete | A Capture Your 365 Blog Hop

With five boys, 3 dogs, 46 chickens, and 40 acres, I never run out of subjects to photograph.  Each day I critically compare pictures, sometimes dozens, trying to whittle down to one favorite.  Some days are easy.  On the days with too many choices I involve my family, letting them voice what they consider beautiful, intriguing or memorable. Once the decision is made, I delete, delete, and delete.

But these I can’t delete.  I’m too attached to them.

A boy and his dog.

An afternoon full of energy. 

Brothers, oldest with youngest. 

A kiss. 

What pictures do you hang on to?

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7 thoughts on “When I Can’t Delete | A Capture Your 365 Blog Hop

  1. I’m in awe! Blessed with FIVE boys! You must be busy all the time. Just the thought of all that laundry……

    I also have a hard times some days deciding what photo to choose, and others I only take one or two so the choice is narrowed down for me. I always keep people pictures, no matter how many I have or how ‘bad’ they may seem at the time. I’m sure years from now I’ll want to remember some silly face my son made or the exasperated look on my daughter’s face when I catch her studying.

    PS, I love the photo of your boys on your blog header.

  2. The photo of your son and dog is so wonderful. I think I know which boy it is but I don’t want to write it in case I am wrong. That photo and the one of JD and Joseph at sunset are award winning photos.

    I am a delete fanatic as well. After taking Jana’s class, I had to re-think my deleting tendencies as I had trouble finding photos for a few of the assignments. My delete fingers are back at it, though!

    Your photos in this blog post are special. I would have trouble deleting them, too, my friend.

  3. I can’t delete any!! I’m a hoarder!! LOL Now that I’m shooting in RAW and using up so much more space I guess I’m going to have to start. Plus now I’m taking Katrina’s class and there are LOTS of shots of the same thing just taken on a higher aperture or faster shutter speed or a slightly different angle. I really don’t need to keep all 200 shots of my fake flowers. I get that. But I still have a hard time deleting.

  4. Hi, my name is Abbie and I am also a Deleter. I don’t delete EVERYTHING but I get down to the nitty gritty, that’s for sure. I think it was in a Paperclipping Roundtable podcast, someone made a “joke” about the immense number of photos our children/grandchildren/and so on will be left with. If I don’t think there’s importance to a photo now, I delete it. If I think in a month, 6 months, a year, I won’t know why I kept it, I delete it. And by importance, I mean STORY. And funny enough, sometimes the opposite effect happens: a SERIES of pictures makes the story, so I keep them all. Aside from the philosophical, Kim (above) is right, shooting in RAW takes a LOT more space. Use it wisely, right? BTW, I would have TOTALLY kept your post’s photos.

  5. i am not a deleter, but I think I want to be. I do occasionally delete the obvious ones but not as often as I should. I love the silhouette of boy & dog.

  6. I’m with Joscie: I’m not a deleter, but I’ve been thinking it was time to let go, at least of some of the really bad ones that are completely out of focus or dark or…

    I love seeing the photos that you and your boys share. I bet it’s nice to have them with the camera, so that there are pictures of you, too!

  7. I love how your project has become a family experience. What memories you are creating and capturing for your boys.

    Thank you for being part of the CY365 community. You bring a beautiful, thoughtful, and unique perspective that I treasure.

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