Today | March 16, 2012

Today, March 16, 2012, was an intensely satisfying day.  

Today, my sons obeyed, served, and worked cheerfully throughout the entire day.

Today, the weather cooperated with my very long outdoor chore list.

Today, my energy level seemed unlimited, and I never grew tired.

Today, the sun warm my face, and the wind dried the sweat from it.

Today, I tackled physical chores that I usually leave for my husband, and I felt strong and proud.

Today, Mizzou lost.

Today, I ran in the field with my sons and my dogs, laughing the entire time.

Today, I learned a new button on my camera.

Today, I watched pear tree blossoms fall gently to the ground.

Today, I found brussel sprouts sprouting in my garden.

Today, I ate dark, dark chocolate.

Today, I snuggled with my youngest who is teething and running a slight fever.

Today, I taught my oldest to drive our John Deer gator.

Today, I comforted my 8 year-old when he broke some landscape pavers.

Today, I giggled at my 3 year-old when he tried to clean up his potty-accident with a kitchen towel.

Today, I watched my 6 year-old attack an old railing on the chicken coop with a hammer, determined to knock it down for me.

Today, I praised God for the special gift He gave me 




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