one little word {nourish}

{nourish} verb

1 patients must be well nourished: feed, provide for, sustain, maintain.

2 we nourish the talents of children: encourage, promote, foster, nurture, cultivate, stimulate, boost, advance, assist, help, aid, strengthen, enrich.

3 the hopes Emma nourished: cherish, nurture, foster, harbor, nurse, entertain, maintain, hold, have.

During the year 2012,  I will nourish my family, my friends, my soul and my photography.   I don’t have it all fleshed out yet, but I have begun a small list of my intentions to see nourish in action.

  • my soul– In 2010, I read the chronological Bible.  I loved it.  I was enthralled with seeing how God revealed Himself through history.  In 2011, I didn’t follow a specific plan for being in the Word, and I suffered because of my lack of focus.  This year I am reading the M’Cheyne One-Year Reading Plan.  Generally, I read one chapter in four different books of the Bible each day.   Also, D.A. Carson’s For the Love of God follows this plan, giving me a devotional and commentary with each reading.
  • my family– Nourishing my family takes its primary meaning, to feed.  I spend a lot of time in the kitchen each day. Since we buy very little processed food, everything we eat must be prepared by me.   Plus, as I cook by more traditional methods and only use traditional foods, nourishing my family means I spend more time finding the food.
  • my photography– JD has encouraged me to find times to work on my photography.  The challenge is to be satisfied with the time I can set aside for this passion and not neglect other responsibilities.

I plan to keep nourish in the front of my mind the entire year, continually asking God who, what, or how He would have me implement this word.

What are your words? Resolutions? Plans?


2 thoughts on “one little word {nourish}

  1. I enjoyed reading how you plan to implement your word. I think it’s a great plan. It can be quite time consuming to cook from scratch. And very difficult in this day and age. Also way to go for going through the whole Bible! Wow!I commend you in your endevour.

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