a lot happens in two years

By the date of my last post, two years have passed since I have blogged.  In two years, I have:

  • given birth to a fifth son, Joseph.  He turned one in November.
  • added 25 laying hens to our property.
  • said goodbye to our beloved golden retriever Sam.  He died last May from stomach cancer.  Just this week my third son told me he misses Sam.  Me too.
  • developed into an amateur (very, very amateur) photographer.  Most days you’ll find my Canon 60d wherever I am.
  • pursued a hobby with digital arts through photography, scrapbooking, movie-making.
  • followed a passion for real, traditional foods.
  • continued to grow in my walk with God.  He uses every part of my day to show Himself to me and shape me.
  • purged our home of many unused and unneeded belongings.
  • quit watching television.  At first I thought I might miss Psych or NCIS or the History Channel, but I don’t.  I read more, talk to JD more, and sleep more.

Life is busy and full.  I know, I know, whose life isn’t?  I am constantly looking to the future, realizing that someday my responsibilities will fill my day completely from sun-up to sun-down.  I’m already close to that now, especially during the school year.  And like so  many of you, once I do find a few minutes of peace and quiet so that I can flesh out some thoughts, I’m often too tired to accomplish much.

Recently, I told a friend that I am energized by accomplishing something creative, whether it be through cooking, photography, writing, or a simple art project with the kids.  But this fall I have been unable to do those things.  I have been distracted by a broken toe and pneumonia, sick boys and hurting friends, or homeschooling and piles of laundry.   Christmas came and went, and I didn’t make a single gift.


But now its nearly New Year’s right?  The time for change?  Time for new things?  New motivation?  So I’m dusting off my blog for the year 2012.   Will there be posts daily? Never.  Will they change your life? Probably not.   But they will reveal little bits of me through my faith, my family, my friends, my food, and my photography.


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