An open letter to my husband of 15 years

Dearest JD,

On this day when we celebrate 15 years of wedded bliss (plus a few days of maddening disagreements) I want to remind you of 15 things I adore about you.    Now I realize, that by posting these glorious qualities about you, I may create some jealousy in other gals who aren’t blessed with a husband as swell as you are, but I will take the risk.

1.  Your sense of humor.   We laugh together far more than we cry or fight.

2. Your tremendous commitment to fathering our boys in a way that honors God.   I see you put the needs of your boys ahead of yourself every day.  I watch how much you pour into them when it would be easier to put them in front of a video game or DVD.  By your actions you show them how much you love them, even as you discipline and train them.

3. Your unwavering commitment to me.  I have always found comfort in your love for me. In 15 years I have never doubted it.

4. Your unwillingness to be manipulated by me.   How I hate admitting (in public, no less) how many times I tried to force you into the outcome I wanted.  But you would not back down and let me run over you.  I am so thankful that you lead our family and I willingly will follow you.

5. That being said, your desire for my input in all things in your life.   You value my opinion and viewpoint, even though it often differs from yours.

6. Your love of good food.  By the way, I’m arranging for us to eat sushi again in a couple of weeks, ok?  I *loved* eating at The Sushi House in Leawood. Yum.

7.  Your ability to be flexible.  Ok . . . you’ve come a long way here.  Remember when if I suggested we take a day trip that day, you’d kinda freak out?  I guess having kids will do that to you.

8. Your helpfulness around the house.  So you don’t cook . . . oh well. You do help with cleaning, laundry, picking-up, and errand-running on the unusual occasion I can’t keep up with our active boys. Many men just look the other way,  but you pull out the vacuum or clean the toilet.  Thank you.

9. You are adventurous.   I loved hiking with you in Yellowstone and scuba-diving with you in Belize.  As the boys grow older, I am looking forward to doing those kind of outings as a family.  Maybe that’s why we didn’t get any foo-foo, princessy girls, huh?

10. You stand firm in your convictions, yet you humbly admit mistakes (although you are so swell that you don’t make many mistakes).

11. You get me.  Deep down, you really know me more than anyone else.   And because you know me, you know how to protect me from over-commitments, lack of sleep, etc.

12. You work hard.  So hard. Too hard.  Yet, in today’s world where lieing about sick days is norm,  your honest work-ethic is one of thing characteristics I treasure.

13.  You let me see the real you.  I know your faults and weaknesses. I see your frustrations. More importantly, I see how you yearn to let Christ continually change you.

14.  You like to cuddle. (And other things.)

15.  You love God.

We’ve known each other  since we were 14. We’ve grown up together.  We’ve spent more years together than apart.  We’ve fought each other. We’ve broken each other’s hearts a time or two. We’ve forgiven each other. We’ve laughed together. We’ve had 7 moves and 3 houses. We’ve had 9 pets. We’ve got 4 handsome boys.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

Happy Anniversary.


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