Closure and a New Beginning

Sweet Cleo.


She came to us from a family who couldn’t afford to care for her.  She belonged to us all, not choosing any favorite.  She was great with the kids, only occasionally chewing up one of their action heroes.  We loved her dearly.

She disappeared on New Year’s Eve day.

We found her body floating in the pond earlier this week.

Somehow, sometime during that day in January she plunged through the ice.   We never heard her bark for help.  And even though it breaks my heart, part of me is glad we didn’t hear her.  We have no boat, no raft, no way to have rescued her.  If a 20 pound dog fell through,  surely we could not have safely gotten to her.    I don’t want to think about it any more.

JD and I buried her near a small pine tree on our back fence row.  We shielded the boys from seeing her body, but answered their many questions about life, death, heaven, the goodness of God, the soveriegnty of God, decomposition of bodies, and so on.  They continue to have questions. I keep praying for wisdom so I can give honest, accurate, age-appropriate answers.



Meet Lexi.


My mother-in-law brought Lexi home to our familiy from a wonderful breed-specific rescue, C and E Aussie Rescue.  She is an extremely loveable sheltie/border collie mix.  Her coat is soft and slightly fluffy, not nearly as full as a pure bred sheltie or border collie.    She is calm, gentle, and sweet, loving to the children. Several times I’ve found her curled up on Jeremiah’s blanket, next to him.   She loves to be on our laps, her head tucked up against our chin or neck as in the following picture with Jacob.


And then meet Anna.


Anna is an Aussie/cattle dog mix.  She’s a bit broader than Lexi, but not much taller, making her around 40 lbs.  She has the most beautiful amber-colored eyes. She is an attention hog who is jealous of any attention not directed at her.  She loves to swim in the pond, romp with our retriever Sam, and chew on bones.  She is especially attached to me, and I must admit, I am especially attached to her.  I already love that dog.

And then there is our most beloved Sam.


This is the happiest Sam has been since we lost Cleo. He moped. He slept. He refused to go outside.  But he is happy once again.


And so are we.


4 thoughts on “Closure and a New Beginning

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