coming into the home stretch

I find myself daily, no hourly,  obsessing over this coming baby.  Two weeks.  Two. Weeks.

Was that a contraction I felt?

Ouch, the baby’s head is settled in a not so comfortable place.

When did I get cankles? (you  know, no noticeable difference between my calf and ankle.)

I listened to my paster speak on worship in the church, but was I in a worshipful attitude? Nope. I was kicking my flip flops off and on, looking at my puffy feet.

The novelty of pregnancy wore off a long, long time ago.  I just want to get on with mothering.  This fourth time around I have been ridiculously impatient.  Part of that stems from knowing that each day that goes passes, my not-so-little baby has more time to pack on the baby fat.  Just because I delivered one ten pounder, doesn’t mean I want to do that again!

I’ve missed blogging.  I’ve had all sorts of things to say, but just couldn’t find the time or energy to put those thoughts into words. Plus, sitting at my computer too long causes those ankles to swell and I hate feeling all that fluid in my calves, ankles and feet.  By the time I’ve checked my email, goole reader, and facebook, paid my bills, and read some news, it’s time to get away from my desk.  Hopefully after baby arrives, I can get back into the swing of blogging . . .


One thought on “coming into the home stretch

  1. Um, not to go all doula-y on you, but don’t wear flip-flops! Those things are horrible for your lower back.
    (Sorry. Maybe I’m not even sounding doula-y. Maybe I’m sounding more like a nagging mother.)
    Love you! And hope to see you…soon! 😉

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