Who ever came up with the phrase “lazy summer days”???


Breathe again.

One more time.

Forgive me please for my uncharacteristic break in blogging. Summer has found me on high speed . . . add to that being pregnant, and any free time has been dedicated to resting, reading, or anything that requires no additional thinking or planning!

My summer took off slowly with days interrupted by two weeks of swimming lessons.  Jacob is definitely part dolphin and easily passed level 4 in early June.   As we finished off swim lessons, my BIL Cory had minor surgery, so I had my two nieces, ages 20 months and 8, for a couple of days.  On the end of their stay, my youngest sis was induced with her second, so I added Caleb, age 3, to the mix.  That’s right . . . I actually had 6 kids to keep track of for a while. WHEW!.

The day Caleb went home, our dearest friends from TX arrived.  There’s my best friend Lesa, and her kids age 17, 14, and 11.  This week was absolutely crazy, but at least came with built in babysitters!  While we had all that extra help, we decided to start moving rooms around to make a space for little JD to the fourth.  AND it just turns out that the handyman had us scheduled for that week to renovate our playroom into a bedroom for the boys.  So we spent the week with 4 guests, a handyman continually making a mess, an electrician rewiring the lights, and moving all the school supplies, craft supplies, bedroom furniture, etc.  AND Missie decided to paint the new schoolroom and let Lesa hang the border.  We also squeezed a trip to Liberty Memorial and WWI musuem, a trip to Cedar Cove (more on that later), and some shopping.   When they headed home 9 days later, I collapsed in my chair, cried, and didn’t even make it to church that day!

The next week found Missie and I finishing the details of the great room swap.  I spent to day just reorganizing all the things that I didn’t have time to put away.  Jacob turned 8 that week, and we celebrated with a few of his friends at Chuckie Cheese and Dairy Queen.  Note that I was too tired to fix anything, but he was thrilled with that! The week ended with our annual 4th of July party.  We had about 20 family members over to celebrate Jacob’s and JD’s birthdays,  swim, plus watch the fireworks.  We have a great view of the local show from our yard,  and we enjoy not fighting the crowd.

Let’s see . . . the next week I tried to take a breather.  In June I purchased a mixer that can make 6 loaves of bread at once!  So I experimented with breads that week.  I made some yummy pizza crusts,  a cinnamon raison bread, and a bunch of cookies.    I swam A LOT.  I read the greatest book, In Defense of Food (I can’t wait to discuss it with you, Jill),  I worked in my chicken coop (yes, I’m still getting chicks, but I’m going to wait until spring), I weeded my plants, and started drawing out my garden.

Last week was VBS.  This was the first VBS I have worked on in a very, very, very, long time.  My role was simply the pianist, but I ended up playing with a teen girl on the guitar.  I had never played with a guitar before and she had never played with a piano, so it took a few practice sessions for us to get the hang of it.   By the Friday evening program, it went great.  I really did enjoy it, and I didn’t even get nervous, which is a huge step for me.

Now for this week.  I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Silver Dollar City with my MIL, SIL, and our kids.  Can you believe I am even typing this?  This is my third day without a nap!!!!  We had so much fun.  I love watching my children enjoy things like this.  During the summer, SDC has the kids fest, so the entire park is geared to kids.  It was Jesse’s first trip, and he was so in awe, he was speachless.   I would ask him if he like something and he would just nod or shake his head.  But now that we are home, he hasn’t stopped talking.  To top it off, when we got home tonight, JD gave me my birthday present early.  He got me a Canon Rebel Digital SLR with zoom lens and flash.  AHHHHH!  I’ve been wanting one for over a year! I can’t wait to learn to use it before our little one comes.

Speaking of little one, all is well with my pregnancy.  I am resting, but I think I have more energy than other pregnancies at this stage.  Maybe all that exercising and healthy eating paying off.  My weight gain is fine, and so is my blood pressure.  I definitely am feeling the aches and pains of 4 pregnancies, but nothing unbearable.  No swelling really, although my ring is a bit tight.

Jacob is off to summer camp next week, his first.  I was a bit reluctant to send him, but he convinced me.  Plus, it is our church that puts the camp on, so I know all that adults and teens involved.  The camper to counselor ratio is 2 to 1!  There are only 55 campers going with 50 support staff.  How’s that for keeping track of those elementary students.  Still, it will be a quiet week around here; Jacob’s never been away that long.  Plus, I’ll have to do his chores!

August is pretty slow, except for a week at the lake.  But really, all I do there is swim, eat, read, boat, and swim some more, so the most work is all the packing.  JD has said he is going to take off that week and go with us, and I am really looking forward to it.

Wow. If you’ve read all this, I’m amazed.  I can’t hardly think anymore, and I am dying to open my camera! I’ll put some pictures up soon, if I can figure that thing out!


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