a pregnancy update

As I enter my 16th week I’m rejoicing that I have only gained about 4 lbs! Even better is that my official doctor’s files record me as only gaining ONE POUND! (Chalk up the difference to wearing shorts with flip flops last week to my monthly check-in.)  Friends, this is record breaking for me so please cheer me on.   When pregnant with my giant sized Jesse, I gained 50 lbs+ and had a 10 lb 6 oz  baby.  And no . . . I didn’t have gestational diabetes.  So in an effort to prevent growing another giant, my doctor is strongly urging me to gain no more than 20 lbs.  She would really like me to stay at 15 lbs total, but that even seems a bit unrealistic to me!  So what are your suggestions? I’m trying to stay active by walking on the treadmill or outdoors.  I’m eating healthy.  I’m trying not to eat too much of those yummy, yummy sweets.  We’ve already replace those burger joints with Subway or Goodcents.   I need to stay motivated.  After eating two too many really scrumptious brownies yesterday, I only allowed my self the tiniest sliver of brownie today.  Oh and, I started writing down everything I eat and its approximate caloric value.   The hardest thing is since I am trying to watch this so closely, I feel so guilty when I actually gain a pound!!!!!

Last Thursday I finally heard the babie’s heartbeat.  Whew, no twins hiding in my uterus.  Hearing that beautiful, fast heartbeat is one of my favorite parts of being pregnancy.  Nothing, nothing, nothing else brings it home to me that a little, tiny baby is growing inside me like hearing the heartbeat. This little critter’s heartbeat was a fast 160 . . . isn’t that folklore for a  girl????

About the girl issue, yes, we would love a girl.  The boys want a sister.  I want a daughter.  But I refuse to focus on that because I know I would love any child that God granted us with.  I am still surprised that the number of people who ask if we are trying for a girl.  UGH.   We’ll just take a baby please.  Either sex will still add a new personality to the mix, someone with his/her own quirks.   So again, yes we’d love a girl, but I’d never be disappointed in receiving a boy.

My uterus is right on track in its size.  That was a surprise to me since I always measure so big with Jesse and since I am showing so much.  I looked at the first-time pregnant mom across the aisle from me during church with a tinge of jealousy.  She is 4 weeks ahead and barely has any baby bump at all! It is not so much that my belly is big, as just  stretched out I guess!  I am already feeling all those ligaments stretching and pulling.  I am already uncomfortable with certain postions. I am also already feeling the baby move!

Finally, I am considering attempting this birth naturally, with no epidural.  I’ve been doing some reading on this, and the more I read, the more I want to do it.  Any advice or suggestions on this would be highly valued!


11 thoughts on “a pregnancy update


    Lol.. I had by first naturally, but not by choice. Had drugs the second time and it was wonderful (especially since he was 9lbs, 6oz). Gained 50 with the first and 55 with the second. I’d skip the calorie counting too. You’re pregnant — just eat .. it’ll come off eventually 🙂

  2. Wow, I am impressed. 🙂 Oh, and I understand about the girl thing. Since we are having a girl, everyone keeps saying “That is good, a boy and a girl.” So, would it have not been good for 2 boys? It would wonderful too!! And, you never know, although they were very convinced at the sonogram, suprises still happen!!

  3. That is so exciting to hear the heart beat, it makes it all the more real. I can understand about the girl /boy thing. We finally got our boy as everyone likes to say, so it is a little opposite. We would have been just as happy either way but it is great to know God has the perfect plan. I had my first naturally and it all worked out great. I tried the other two naturally but finally gave into the epidural and loved it! I think I almost kissed the anesthesiologists 🙂 So my advise is try it you never know but it is a great option to have when you need it!

  4. In case I was too busy grovelling for babysitting services earlier, WAY TO GO on the weight gain – or lack thereof! Hang in there. We are trying to get back to healthier eating habits as well – including the calorie counting – so you are not alone.

  5. Well, of course you know that my heart skipped a beat of happiness to read your last paragraph. 🙂 I know you know this already b/c I have told you over and over again, but the day I had Jack naturally was the most incredible, miraculous day of my life. The way I have described the experience to everyone is that having Jack without drugs was an incredible “high,” but then everyone looks at me funny (as if they weren’t already looking at me funny when I told them I loved having a natural birth!). After talking to my mil this past week (she had Matt naturally, which was REALLY revolutionary 35 years ago!), she described it as pure JOY, and perhaps that’s a better way to describe it. (Of course, though, you know I’ll love you and support you no matter what you decide.)
    It was so wonderful to see you last week! Love you!

  6. I wanted to also comment about the weight thing. My advice is to try not to worry too much! If you are eating healthy (within reasons–I wouldn’t completely deprive myself of a brownie or two!) and exercising, then relax. Don’t feel guilty each time you gain a pound. You are growing a baby, after all! 🙂
    If it were me, I would start obsessing so much I would end up eating more to deal with the panic about gaining weight! 🙂

  7. Kelly we are so excited for you, and can’t wait to find out what you are having! Praise the Lord the baby is healthy and measuring at exactly where he/she needs to be. Oh and congrats on the weight gain or lack there of. Keep up the healthy choices! But I’m going to have to agree with the others don’t obsess! Being pregnant is the one time in life when you don’t have to worry about what you eat. Enjoy that brownie! As far as having a natural delivery the thought terrifies me and I loved my drugs, but you go girl!

  8. My weight has come after the last baby, not while I was pregnant — so no excuses for me. You are a very well-balanced person, Kelly — so be smart, but don’t obsess. My advice … eat the brownie. About childbirth — You are very in tune with yourself — and you’ll know the right thing to do when the time comes. I know many who have gone the natural route and were very fulfilled by it. As for me, “Pass the DRUGS, please!”

  9. There is more to it than just having a drug free birth experience, IMHO. I had Becca drug free but not by choice (I went too fast), Evan with an epidural (equally terrible), then Spencer and Ava with a midwife and no drugs. What a HUGE difference that was, and completely turned me into an advocate for it! If you are leaning towards trying it, go for it! 🙂

  10. Oh, I forgot to finish my original thought… imagine that! I was saying that the experience is totally altered when you have a support system, whether it be a midwife or a doula . . . they are with you the whole time, and not coming and going like doctors do. With Becca I had to “blow air” for 30 minutes while waiting for me doctor to come . . . I was too young to know any different, LOL. What a difference to have my midwife with me, not being hooked up to IV’s the whole time, laboring in a jacuzzi . . . I can go on and on! … anyway 🙂 Needless to say, I am a fan of the idea!

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