oh so tired . . .

Here is first of my many, many pregnancy related posts.  Expect more over the next six months. 🙂

I am soo tired. I mean drop-dead, drag my butt off the couch to collapse on the nearest chair tired.  We joke that my bedtime is 9 pm . . . if I get a nap.  If I can’t squeeze a nap in during the afternoon, then I cuddle up in my chair, tune in to some mundane tv show on Discovery or History channels and fall asleep around 8.  JD drags me into bed a few hours later.  If I didn’t have the boys, I probably wouldn’t get anything done, yet if I didn’t have the children I probably wouldn’t be so dang tired!

Yes, I’m taking my vitamins.

Yes, I’m exercising, at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

Yes, I’m eating healthy.

I’m doing everything right so far, but I’m growing a precious baby and I am oh so tired . . .


2 thoughts on “oh so tired . . .

  1. I completely understand!! 🙂 Josh makes fun of me, because my bedtime is early all of the time, even non-pregnancy.

  2. Oh Kelly, how WELL I remember that feeling! It’s quite disconcerting to be wide awake one moment and feel like anvils are attached to your eyelids the next. Just keep reminding yourself that it will get a bit better during second trimester.

    I’m so excited for you, JD and your household of boys!

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