Noisy time

I found this post today on Between Two Worlds, a blog that I occasionally read. It jumped out at me as I have seen this happen in my own life. I no longer have a quiet time. My time is not noisy, necessarily, but I do pray out loud with my eyes open as I speak with God. If I just can’t get away from an audience (the kids or JD), then I pray a very quiet whisper. I first started doing this a few years ago after my pastor described his quiet time. He prays aloud while walking in his office. As I started to get over my silly inhibitions of talking to myself (I know, I know, I’m talking to God, but it felt so strange at first) I realized my prayer life was growing. I was staying focused on God, my praises, confessions and requests. Instead of relaxing, I became incredibly involved, and at times, I have felt like I was truly conversing with a living God. Some achieve this by journaling as well, but I grew frustrated by thinking/talking faster than I could write. I do still journal some, but it is more bullet points of how God is working in my life, things He is teaching me, or just experiences, instead of long entries detailing my innermost thoughts.

So here is part of the post. To read this rest, go here. Let me know what you think. How do you pray?

It’s fair to say that having a “quiet time” is a misnomer. We should more properly have a “noisy time.” By talking out loud we live the reality that we are talking with another person, not simply talking to ourselves inside our own heads….I’ve known many people whose relationship with God was significantly transformed as they started to speak up with their Father. Previously, “prayer” fizzled out in the internal buzz of self-talk and distractions, worries and responsibilities. Previously, what they thought of as prayer involved certain religious feelings, or a set of seemingly spiritual thoughts, or a vague sense of comfort, awe, and dependency on a higher power. Prayer meandered, and was virtually indistinguishable from thoughts, sometimes indistinguishable from anxieties and obsessions. But as they began to talk aloud to the God who is there, who is not silent, who listens, and who acts, they began to deal with him person-to-person….Out loud prayer became living evidence of an increasingly honest and significant relationship. As they became vocal, their faith was either born or grew up.”


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