Bite the bullet


Have you seen the Magic Bullet Infomercial? I haven’t, but my mom has, and she bought the bullet.  So of course my dad (who does most of the cooking at their home these days) had to show it off while we were visiting a few weeks ago.  I was impressed.  In fact, I ordered it the next day.  It came last Friday.  We are in smoothie heaven.

I have a great, powerful, ice-crunching blender. But it is big.  It is a pain to get it out from the cabinet and to put it back away.  The bullet is small! Its parts are dishwasher safe.  Plus, now I can personalize each person’s smoothy.  Before, I made the banana-free smoothies for those of us who detest bananas, then I would make the banana-infested smoothies for Jacob and Jesse.  Today I just put a collection of frozen fruit on the counter and let each kiddo fix his own. Then I made a chocolate peanut butter smoothie for me!  Oh, and this weekend I made a mocha.  Yep, it even compared to my local coffee house.  (I know you may not believe, but I was stunned.  The milk was really, really frothy.)

As for my husband. JD eyed my recent appliance purchase with much, much skepticism.  Until I goaded him into making milkshakes after dinner.  He, too, was impressed with how easy it was to make individualized milkshakes.  He, too, was impressed with how easy the cleanup and how strong the motor is.

So, if you make a lot of smoothies or milkshakes, and if you have more than one person in your house, I would get one of these gizmos. I love mine.


One thought on “Bite the bullet

  1. I LOVE my Magic Bullet. My mom and I saw and informercial for one, we fell in love with it, and my dad and Matt surprised us and bought us each one.

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