daily living

It seems that lately I’ve been caught up in the whirlwind of the ins and outs of daily living. Laundry.











Sleeping more.

For the past year I’ve implemented schedule after schedule, looking for the best way to organize my day and get the most accomplished. The past few weeks I stumbled upon a new schedule that is working . . . working beautifully.  My day starts a little after six and the scheduled time is over by dinner time and all the chores, schooling, exercising, etc have been completed for the day.  I learned early in my teaching days that sometimes the best discipline is proactive planning! Keep them busy and keep them out of trouble (at least to some extent!)  Also I’ve finally found a laundry schedule that I can keep too! I’ve tried doing one load a day, all laundry on one day, all laundry on 2 days, etc.   I’ve settled on the little boys laundry on Monday, Jacob’s on Tuesday (He does his own, but I still help with folding it neatly), JD’s and mine on Wednesday, towels and sheets on Thursday.  In addition to this, I started a new chore rotation that involves all the boys.  Jacob empties the dishwasher, sweeps the floor and vacuums the hearthroom daily. Jonah wipes down the sinks and toilets.  Jesse changes the hand towels.  Each afternoon we clean one room from top to bottom.  I always feel such a peace when all is in order.  A clean home calms my soul.


JD started a new job last week.  That’s right, we’ve given up self-employment and freedom for the security of healthcare and 401k.  No really, it is much more than that! For the past year JD has work with this company in DeSoto KS.  He’s acted as their CFO for hire. However, when they approached him with the opportunity for a full-time position  as second in command to the owner, we felt it was a great opportunity.   So this week I’ve had to adapt to losing the flexibility that his self-employment sometimes offered.  No more asking him if he could pick up Jacob on the way home or work in the house during naptime so I could run out without the boys.  I guess I’m back to living like the rest of you! Oh, JD is still keeping a few clients on the side, plus he is completing tax returns.  Until April 15th, I don’t expect him to get a lot of sleep.


I know I promised you no more on the trials of Jesse’s potty-training, but here are my last words on the topic.  HE’S COMPLETELY POTTYTRAINED! It all clicked for him on Monday, and he’s been in underwear ever since. No accidents. No more diapers.


I’ve been intently studying Psalms 119.  There is so much to that long, long Psalm.  I’ve read it in NASB, The Amplifed (my personal favorite version), The Message. I’ve underlined, circled, questioned words and passages.  I’ve looked up original meanings of Hebrew words and read different commentaries. But it all comes down to this: love the Bible as a communication from God, internalize it, and live it.  Oh that I could do that.  Later this week I want to share a bit more of the details that I’ve uncovered and some verses that have jumped off the page to me.


One night last week the boys, Missie, Stan and me played an exciting game of flashlight hide and seek. We turned off all the lights in the house.  The seeker counted while the hiders hid. Then the seek came looking for all those hidden using only a flashlight.  I wish you could have seen the merriment in my house that night! Squeals of excitement as we were found one by one and screams of surprise as we jumped out and scared each other were heard through out the house.  The boys have been asking to play it each night since, but we’ve been to busy.  Really, this was a night that memories were made.


I’ve been cleaning out the basement  . . . again. This is the third spring that I have gone through everything in the basement.  Each year I get rid of more stuff.  You know, if it has been in the basement, forgotten for all this time, it is time to go!  Plus, the less stuff down there, the easier it is for me to sweep up all the dog and cat hair and dust that accumulates.    I pile all the unwanted stuff in a corner, then donate it to some garage sale charity in the spring.  This year I finally went through all my books  . . .  I just couldn’t keep them all.  We also went through all the VHS tapes.  UGH.  JD’s parents belonged to one of those movies clubs in the 90s, so there were a lot of videotapes.   We got rid of 2/3 of them.  Stan couldn’t part with his John Wayne collection . . .



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