Victory! Victory!

Yes.  I know you are rolling your eyes.  I don’t care.

Jesse went potty on the toilet.

I declared defeat after waiting and waiting and waiting before naptime and put a diaper on him while he slept.  He woke up dry, but went immediately to the bathroom!

I can not express how relieved I am.

I hope it is all down hill from here.

I’ll try to spare you from more posts regarding such a huge moment in our lives!

(And if you are still rolling your eyes, either you’ve never potty-trained a toddler OR your child was like my first born, who conquered it in one day. If only it were that easy with them all.)


3 thoughts on “Victory! Victory!

  1. I apparently dropped off the face of the earth after the holidays!? Haven’t kept up with you since you got back from Texas — and had A LOT to catch up on! Now I’m back in the loop — and SO glad to hear about your potty victory! I can definitely relate — you begin to think they are never going to get it figured out … and you sit more than they do! Sounds like you’ve turned the corner toward ultimate success! Yea! — Susan

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