I’m waiting. Jesse needs to go potty.

Still waiting. No action yet.

Yep still waiting. We’ve been on and off the toilet since dinner. He’s tried standing, too.

Uh-huh, I’m still here. Waiting. He’s running around naked so we can save time in case it is the real deal this time.

Okay, I know he’s gotta go. He hasn’t gone since 10 a.m.

No I’m serious about that, it is not an exaggeration. I’ve forced water, sprite and oj down him, but he still manages to hold it.

It would almost be funny except I’m picturing the mess I’m gonna have to clean up when he just can’t hold it anymore.

8:13 pm. Past bedtime.

Do I cave and put a diaper on him and put him to bed?

Maybe we’ll hold out a bit longer . . .surely he can’t hold it much longer?

Wait a minute, things are getting serious now . . . he’s dancing a bit.

He’s sitting on the toilet again. I can hear him singing.

I’ve tried running water.

I’ve tried sprinkling warm water on him.

I’ve tried having him go when his brothers go.

I am truly at a loss of ideas here.

I guess I’ll go back to waiting . . .


2 thoughts on “waiting

  1. Caleb is no where near yet. He talks about going peepee in the toilet, but then, before bathtime, without his diaper, he just went on the rug. Didn’t tell us anything – so, I don’t think he’s quite ready.

  2. Wow. Your post reminds me what I have to look forward to with Katie. I’ve decided to wait until this summer to start with her. But I really don’t look forward to that process at ALL. Potty training is one of the only things that terrified me as a new parent. And it STILL leaves me quaking in my boots just a bit!

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