a few bucks

The other day I needed to run into town for to see the chiropracter, but didn’t want to take all three boys.  My MIL was home, but not feeling well, so I couldn’t ask her to watch the boys, but she was around in case of emergency.  Then I had a bright idea.

I asked Jacob to watch Jesse.

I told Jacob that he was to play with Jesse.  He was to do the activities that Jesse wanted to do.  He was to help Jesse do puzzles, read him books, etc.   If he played with Jesse and didn’t interrupt my MIL unless absolutely necessary, I’d given him a few bucks.

J: How many exactly?

M: $2.

J: Hmm.  What do I do if he’s poopie? I don’t know how to change diapers?

M: He won’t be.  He’s already done that today.

J: What if he’s hungry?

M: I’ll only be gone 20 minutes, he can wait.

When I returned home, all had gone well. I put Jacob’s $2 on the counter.

J: Mom, is one of those dollars a fiver?

M: What?

J: You know, a five dollar bill.

M: No, you earned $2.

Later that evening I head out to dinner with a friend.  Apparently Jacob asked his father why he didn’t go with me so he could “watch the little boys and make a few bucks.”

I’ve created a monster.  He’s been asking me all weekend when I am going to let him watch the little boys again!


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