Meerah’s Blog

Please welcome Meerah into the blogging community. Meerah is character developed by a dear, dear friend who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. However, I have enjoyed Meerah’s humor over and over again this year. In fact, Meerah gave me a Christmas present entitled: 30 Days with Meerah, Reflections from Her Heart.

Here’s a few of my favorite days–

Open flames and long, loose, flowing sleeves do not mix.
Unless you enjoy wearing burnt ends.


No, no, no,no, no, no.

You misunderstand me.

It wasn’t that I did not hear you.

I was not listening.

And finally-

When I see you in that outfit,

I am filled with generosity.

Please take my scarf . .

and my coat . . .

this veil would go nicely also.

I have heard Meerah speak many, many times. So, when I read these I can hear her voice, accent, or inflections in my head. I kinda imagine her as from Pakistan, but Meerah herself is not really sure what country she claims as her homeland. Anyway, I hope you can enjoy Meerah’s wit and banter as much as I do. Meerah-thanks for adding so much humor into my crazy, boy-filled days.


2 thoughts on “Meerah’s Blog

  1. It is so nice that what you typed about Meerah. You are helping to make the buzz – and without a goat even. Thank you for the kind words from the bottom of Meerah’s heart.

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