The Texas Top Ten

Well folks, I’m finally home and digging out from a week’s worth of traveling plus all the new stuff I didn’t put away from Christmas.   I’m a bit overwhelmed with it all, and I’m feeling the pressure of getting it organized quickly so we can get back into the comfortable routine of school.  BUT, I’m also exhausted! So, I’m taking a breather while the kids nap to give you my favorites of my trip, in no particular order.

  • my french vanilla latte made by one of my favorite pianists, Shawn
  • my new, hand-held, touch screen Yahtzee given by Lesa
  • the baby elephant at the zoo
  • a mean game of Sequence
  • watching my boys jump for HOURS on a trampoline
  • laughing, laughing, laughing, laughing
  • singing ABBA songs while Lauren accompanied on the piano
  • shopping in the used book section of the giant homeschool store
  • catching up with a friend who has spent the last 5 years in Paris
  • sharing the deep things of my heart with my kindred spirit Lesa

And just in case you are worried that we might be a little too attached to Houston, here’s my least favorite things about Houston.

  • traffic, traffic, traffic-it is everywhere, all the time
  • itsy, bitsy, teensie, wheensy yards
  • noise pollution
  • humidity

One thought on “The Texas Top Ten

  1. WOW! I MADE THE BLOG!! You are way too kind, Kelly.
    I’m so sorry about the flat in Corsicana. You could have really used one of my lattes then, right? Well, now you can make one for yourself.

    Brew some honkin’ strong coffee – dark roast espresso…
    Blend in your flavoring suryp
    Froth your milk (I use a Krups “perfect froth” attachment)
    Add your frothed milk to the coffee and sprinkle with raw sugar

    That’s it! No secret – just good ingredients.
    You’re always welcome to run on by Chez Shawn for another.

    How’s the Women’s Ensemble? 😉

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