Stuck in Corsicana Texas

I’m sitting in the dark on the bed in a Comfort Inn in Corsicanna, Texas.  Two of the boys are in the other bed, and one is on the floor.  Hubby’s taking a shower to get all the grime off him.  We left sunny Houston today around 1 pm with plans to be home around 1 a.m. this morning.   However now it is 9 pm and we STILL are south of Dallas.  Wanna know what happened? 

The desk strapped to the top of the Yukon kept coming loose.  We kept stopping, making adjustments, but finally gave up and decided to stuff it in the back, which meant repacking the entire Yukon while the boys played in a gravel parking lot.  About 10 minutes down the road, we heard a loud pop.  Hmmm.  Turns out we had blown the right front tire.   We pulled to the side of the road and set about unpacking the back of the Yukon to get to the jack.    Of course that was after we read the manual so we could find the jack.  Then, it was back to the manual to figure out how to get the spare out from under the Yukon.    Meanwhile the boys are playing in the car and I mutter prayer after prayer about our safety on this busy, busy interstate. 

 After much, much toiling on JD’s part, he realizes that he just can’t get the jack to work.  I use the nuvi (a Garmin GPS device)  to find help.  Our hero is a kind, good ol’ country boy and his full-size jack.   Finally, the tire is changed, the Yukon packed for the third time today, and kids rebuckled in.  Now, the car won’t start.  I guess we had the emergency blinkers on too long!  Mr. good ol’county boys gives us a jump and we are on our way.   

By then, it is 6:15, the kids are starving, and us adults are exhausted.  We drove an a hour, gorged ourselves at Wendy’s, and now we are comfy and ready for bed.  

Here’s what I’m thankful for today:

1. warm, sunny, dry weather- Our packing would’ve been impossible in rain, and we’d have been miserable in the cold.

2. Mr. Good ol’ country boy- He arrived within 15 minutes of our call,  helped out, and only chargeed us $42, an $8 discount since that was all the cash we had left!

3.  ATM/Credit cards- To pay for our room and replenish our cash after paying our hero.

4.  a big hill- While the men changed the tire, I took the boys up a big hill, far, far away from all the speeding traffic where they could play safely. 

5. light-the tire was finished just before the sun set.

6. no ant hills-I started to set the suitcases in fire ant hills, but then I stepped in one and moved the luggage.

7. a full-size spare tire-we can drive all the way home on the spare . . . so pray that we and the Yukon make it in one piece in a timely fashion.


One thought on “Stuck in Corsicana Texas

  1. Sounds like a definite adventure. One you will be telling for years. Kids, do you remember that time we travelled home from Houston and everything went wrong? What a way to share with the kids about God’s provision. It reminds me the Israelites and how they were suppose to pass on to their children the story of God’s miracles and how great He is. You should write this down and contiue to pass it on – I can see you now with your grandchildren…

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