Consider this your warning

if you are expecting a homemade gift from me this year . . . I am WAY behind schedule.  With all the excitement that comes from my kiddos, my father-in-law breaking his leg, and my back giving me all sorts of grief (it is much, much better by the way), my times set aside for creating have been gobbled up by other distractions and responsiblities.

SO, yesterday I decided no more stressing over getting these gifts finished.   No more neglecting my children,  ignoring the laundry, or suffering from lack of sleep.  I could get the  gifts completed and be miserable, or I can slow down, enjoy the season, make merry with friends and family, and give out nearly completed gifts with the promise to finish them over the New Year.

What about you? What are you doing to insure that you are enjoying the season?

PS. I hope to get my Christmas card postmark before Christmas, even though you may not receive them until after Christmas.


3 thoughts on “Consider this your warning

  1. I usually go crazy making homemade gifts to give away, too. This year, we are giving out gift certificates for a “care package” to be delivered at a later date. It will include baked goods and…since I’m on this cleaning product kick…homemade, good-smelling, non-toxic cleaning products.

  2. I, too, am not stressing. Anyway if we pass things out after the first of the year, it will be more of a surprise instead of what is expected. We are making a mess at our house with markers, scissors and glue, just having fun!! Our goal this year is to relax and enjoy celebrating Christ and do what we can do as God leads us!! I like the idea of passing out the gift certificates!

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