8 Minutes in My Morning (ok, more like 40)

I thought I’d let you in on my morning exercise routine. I gotta tell first though, that I am thrilled to be exercising again! The boys have finally reached an age where they play well in the basement, without me having to get down in a huff from the treadmill to enforce whatever I needed to stop them from doing. Most of my work out time was spent like this, “Jesse, stop throwing things under the furnace!” “Jesse, don’t pull the cat’s tail.” “Jesse, sit in the chair”. Thankfully, things are bit smoother right now! Anyway, around 8 am, the boys and I head downstairs where I get start on the treadmill. I’ve been jogging for 18 minutes with 4-5 minutes of warm-up/cool down at least 4 times a week. (How’s that Jenn?) Then I head towards the weights. I use Jorge Cruise’s book, 8 Minutes in the Morning. Six days a week I complete 4 sets of twelve repetitions using two different muscle groups. Monday is chest/abs, Tuesday is shoulders/back, Wednesday is biceps/triceps, Thursday is calfves/thighs, Friday is butt/abs, and Saturday is inner/outer thighs. What I love best about this program is doing a little bit each day. I push myself harder knowing that I only have to endure about 10 minutes. Plus, you can start this with very little equipment, just some dumbbells and ankle weights. However, I’ve moved up to using our free weights because I need to add more weight! Anyway, I finish with some stretching and I’m done in about 40 minutes. Not to bad, eh?

Cruise also has an eating system in the back of the book. It is so easy to use. I’ve done all sorts of methods while trying to lose weight. For a while I loved the 40-30-30 book, but that salads took too much time to prepare. Cruise’s method is easy, flexible, and healthy. Here’s what I had to breakfast: 3/4 cup granola with nuts, 1 cup raspberries/blackberries, 1 cup milk, and 1 egg.  Lunch was: 1 cup lentil soup, 1 large plate seasoned steamed veggies, 1 yummy woodstock roll dipped in 1 tsp garlic olive oil, 1/2 cup choc. chip latte frozen yogurt.    The veggies come in single servings for about $1.30 a box.  They can be a bit expensive, but for ease and flavor I buy them! The woodstock roll comes from Great Harvest Bread Co., a local bakery.

I’ve lost those 10 lbs I’ve told you about in an older post! Now, I’m going for the next 10.  We’ll just see how it goes after that.  That’ll get me down to my college weight, my pre-kid weight.


2 thoughts on “8 Minutes in My Morning (ok, more like 40)

  1. Good for you! My exercise routine, which was so religious before Jack was born, has been reduced to well…nothing. We just became members of the Y b/c we got a discount through Matt’s work…so we’ll see.

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