More about Stan and my back

I kind of left you hanging with no news about Stan, didn’t I?  I’ve been information-central from day one and the phone has finally stopped ringing constantly, I just forgot to update here!

Stan came home yesterday (Monday) after 12 days in the hospital.  His surgery went great last Wednesday  with the surgeon putting 10 screws and a metal plate to hold his bone together.  With all that hardware, his bone is quite strong now.  He’s not to put any weight on it for 6 weeks, and then 20 lbs for 6 weeks, but in case he would lose his balance his leg will hold his weight.   That’s great to know!  This also means he has no cast.  Once he gets his strength back, he’ll be hard to keep down.   Speaking of strength, he lost so much strength being in the hospital all those days.  He ate very little from a week ago Sunday through this past Saturday.  Now that he is home, his appetite is returning.

I am fit as a fiddle.  I’ve been exercising since Thanksgiving and the only things that hurt are my legs . . .   My back has gone into spasm like that before, but usually it relaxes that same day and is only a bit sore.  I’m not sure why it gave me fits last week.  I’ve been considering going to a chiropractor.  I know a great one, but he’s 45 minutes from my home and I just don’t want to start knowing I’ll be driving often for adjustments.

Finally, all things being said, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Some friends from church invited us for dinner.  It was the first meal I have had as an adult where I didn’t take anything!  Thursday was just relaxing at the house, stopping by the hospital, and having a yummy dinner.  Makes me think maybe next year we should just have frozen pizza . . . ok, maybe not . . .


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