a Monday morning update

I have survived the weekend doped up on muscle relaxers and ibuprofen. Add to that some ice and heat therapy and I thought today would be a regular day. But then my back started spasming again. So I started the whole cycle again, minus the muscle relaxers. When I take those it hast he same effect that benadryl has on me . . . I’m practically incoherent for a few hours. Since someone has to take care of the boys I am trying to make it through the day without them. At this moment, the pain is not too bad, which is good because I have 5 loads of laundry waiting to be folded, Jesse’s bed to change (he wet through his diaper), and Jacob to run to his coop classes. I’m moving slow, but I’m confidant it will get done.

As for Stan . . . it doesn’t look like there are any cancellations in the OR today, so his surgery is still scheduled for Wednesday. The days in the hospital are really starting to get to him, although he seemed in good spirits today when we spoke with him.

Edit:  Stan IS having surgery today at 5 pm.   We are so thankful!  I’ve got some preparations to get done before I head to the hospital, so I’ll post again after the surgery.


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