when it rains it pours

An update on Stan: Surgery is scheduled for WEDNESDAY! Although he is extremely uncomfortable, the severe break is not life threatening. So, no one ahead of him will be bumped and apparently Thanksgiving week is a busy time for the OR. I guess people want to take advantage of those extra days of healing instead of using sick days. Please pray for a cancellation. We’ve spent the day looking for other surgeons and hospitals that could get it done sooner with no results. Plus, Missie had battled the insurance company which believes that Stan should be home. AHHHHH! He has a SEVERE break and can’t be moved.

Speaking of people who can’t move, I have been having very painful back spasms all day. This morning during breakfast I noted that I had a small catch in my back. I moved to take some ibuprofen and bamm! my back froze in pain. That quick. That unprovoked. I didn’t bend or lift anything. The pain was so sharp, I though I was going to be sick. The pain is centered in the middle of my back, about where my bra rests. This morning I couldn’t move my arms, neck or head without sharp pain radiating through my back. A dear friend took me to the doctor while her daughter watched the boys. At the doctor’s office, my blood pressure was quite high, probably from all the meds, pain, and maybe the coffee I’d been drinking. After an exam which included xrays, the prognosis is muscle spasms. No reason . . . Now I’m doped up on muscle relaxers just waiting for JD to get home with pizza. My sister Heather came today to help me out and was much, much appreciated!

Well that’s it for now, I just can’t type much more as my back is tightening while I sit here. I’ll keep ya posted on how this all plays out!


One thought on “when it rains it pours

  1. What a week you have had (all of a sudden)! I’m sure Stan is getting tired of WAITING — and I hope the hospital staff has been able to control his pain. I know the Lord is intimately involved in every aspect of this situation — and pray the very best for Stan and Missie during this time.

    Hope your gripping back pain is beginning to subside, my friend. I’ve had a little experience with that, but I think you take the cake! Will miss you at church tomorrow if you are still tied up with all of this.

    Thinking of you and praying for your family! — Susan

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