one heavy heart and one prayer request

My heart is heavy today . . . oh so heavy. This day started like any other. I was up at six, had my prayer time, dressed the boys, made the beds, and heading downstairs to start breakfast. Standing at the kitchen window I noticed an ambulance in my drive . . . MY DRIVE!

My dear father-in-law missed the last step in the garage and took a nasty tumble. He has a bum leg from cancer nearly 20 years ago. That cancer has led to a hip replacement, then infection, and most recently, the loss of sensation in his foot. Now, a couple of weeks shy of his 60th birthday, he has a broken femur. It is an ugly, ugly break which requires screwing 2 plates to his bone during a surgery to repair it. AND it looks like the surgery cannot take place until Monday. Then he will have 12 weeks of slow healing.

So my heart hurts for all the suffering this sweet man will endure these next few days and weeks. Will you pray for him this weekend?

On a lighter note, God did prepare us for this a little . . . every person or family that we were expecting for Thanksgiving canceled last night. So last night I was moping that our Thanksgiving dinner was going to be just us, but today I find myself thankful that I don’t have to call those families and cancel!

Finally, my sister Heather called to tell me about a miscommunication she had with her husband Josh regarding my FIL Stan’s fall. As Heather was relating to Josh the details of Stan’s fall, he didn’t seem too concerned. When Heather mentioned something about a wheelchair for Stan, Josh became confused. It seems he thought the injured one was Sam, my golden retriever. That did give me good chuckle today in the midst of all my concern for Stan.

edit: It is 10pm and I just returned from the hospital.  Stan is in good spirits, mainly thanks to the Demerol.  He’s actually a bit loopy and it was fun to visit with him.   We still don’t know when the surgery will take place, but the surgeon is the same doctor who replaced Stan’s hip 8 years ago.  We are pleased to work with him again.


One thought on “one heavy heart and one prayer request

  1. I’ve been praying for Stan today – I’m so sorry to hear that they will have to wait on the surgery til Monday! We will continue to pray. Tell Stan for us! And give Missie a hug from me.

    One of my first thoughts on hearing about Stan’s fall was the fact that you all got to fulfill Stan’s dream and go to Yellowstone this year – isn’t God’s timing impeccable??

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