a week in review

No, I haven’t abandoned my blog, but

MONDAY: I was sick. The previous week the boys had colds. Then JD fell victim to it. I was the last to contract it, but after a busy weekend with my sisters and mother, I collapsed in defeat. Thankfully, JD stayed home in the morning, and I was up and moving in the afternoon.

TUESDAY: Now I have to catch up from Monday, which means more laundry, more school with Jacob, and less time for me.

WEDNESDAY: We trick-or-treat in this family, so we spent Wednesday evening in JD’s sister’s neighborhood watching the kids run from house to house. The neighborhood is small and mature, and most of the other kids are grown. We basically have the street to ourselves and the families are VERY generous in their dispensing of treats. Plus, my niece turned one on Halloween. Last year, that led to many jokes about what to name her: Jackie O’lantern, Holly Weenie, Trixie. I also started exercising again this day. I have been missing my time with the weights and treadmill for too long. This fall I’ve really been trying to lose those stubborn 15 pounds, and when I saw a report that stated that my body is 10% less effective at burning calories than it was 10 years ago, I realized I had to work time into my schedule. I’ve given up my newspaper reading time to do this, but replaced it with several podcasts which I listen to while I run and lift weights. I only get on the treadmill for 22 minutes and follow my 8 Minutes in the Morning routine for weights, but after four days I can tell a difference. I saw the scale budge when I allowed myself my weekly weigh-in this morning!

THURSDAY: While in the basement that morning I perused our old bookshelf filled with older books. I found a book titled Celebration of Spiritual Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth, and when I checked out the table of contents, I found time to read the first chapter that afternoon. If you read my golden nuggets post, then you know I’m struggled with application of truth. The first chapter in the book is all about meditation. I walked away with a deeper appreciation and understanding of meditation and even tried it for a five short minutes. One of the authors main points was that in meditation we ought to empty our minds of the worries, stresses, or demands of life and then to fill them with Christ. I’ll keep you posted on how this grows in my life.

FRIDAY: We hurried through school because we put up a Christmas tree! Any of you think we are crazy? We’ve got two 7 foot trees, a 9 foot tree, two bannisters for garland, three mantels for florals, nativities, and Santas, so we start early. My MIL wanted to start in October, but I did hold her off for a couple of weeks! Then, we switched gears so I could take Jacob and Jonah to our homeschool group’s Fall Festival. It was WONDERFUL! The games were great, organized AND chosen so that all ages could participate and enjoy them. Susan-thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you did Friday and the many days leading up to the festival to serve my boys. I know you miss Wichita, but I am so thankful that God brought you here to our church, our homeschool group, and as my friend. We rushed home to eat and rush out the door again to head to our small group. Since it is a new group, we spent most of our time fellowshipping (ie. talking with food in our mouthes) , but I look forward to a place to encourage, exhort, and hold one another accountable according to the Word of God.

SATURDAY: No organized exercise today, but since I planted 4-5 gallon grasses, transplanted 2 grasses, and a large amount of lilies, vikory (I don’t know how to spell this, I just know what it is called) and a few yews, I am pretty sure I got a good work out . . . at least my back and shoulders seem to think so! I’ve got two huge beds around our guest house that have look horrible these past few years, so I wanted to rework them before the ground froze. It looks so much better. Then we celebrated Jonah’s 4th birthday in the evening. He loves “guys” so his Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Joker figures are his favorite gift. He has not put them down except to go to church today.

SUNDAY: Yes, the boys were up VERY early. We all got going pretty early today, went to Starbucks, and were still 15 minutes early for Sunday School. Now, its naptime for the boys, personal time for me, football time for JD. Tonight I accompany the children’s program during the adult service. Usually the adult service is pretty sparse since there are lots of different things going on at this time, but we have a special college group in town, so everyone will be in the adult service. My stomach is already twitching . . . if you read this on Sunday, say a prayer for my nervous fingers.


One thought on “a week in review

  1. First of all, I am SO coming to your house for a playdate when you get it all decorated for the holidays! It’s such a neat home — can’t imagine it all decked out! I MUST see!

    Secondly, I’m SO glad you enjoyed the party on Friday!!! Nothing like controlled chaos!

    Thirdly, I need more information on the ‘8 Minutes in the Morning’ routine. There’s just something wrong with having HOUSE for a last name, and also being as big as one! Any day now I’m going to be a skinny minnie — ready … GO! Maybe you can fill me in on your workout details the next time we sneak some time while the boys are in class on an upcoming Monday!? Let’s do that again soon.

    Enjoying your blog — and reading your thoughts. Great writing. — Susan

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