a look at the future

Today I watched a new father with his new son, and while admiring them, suddenly I had a picture of my oldest son as man and holding a his son.  Tears welled up in my eyes.  Although Jacob is only in second grade, I had a deep sense of time passing, of high school graduation, of going away to college, of marrying someone’s daughter.

I’ve always smiled at the woman who gently (or some not so gently) reminds me to treasure each moment before they pass, but during these last few weeks many times I’ve sensed that my little ones are growing tall too quickly.

Through these sentimental moments I’ve developed a new sense of urgency and a fresh motivation to nurture my sons each day.  I want to cuddle them up, before they are too big too cuddle.  I want to sit and listen to their silly stories and songs. I want to walk with them around the pond.

I want to push the future away for just a little bit longer.


One thought on “a look at the future

  1. Ever notice that you usually come in contact with those dear old souls who tell you to ‘cherish this time’ with your kids the morning after a sleepless night of cleaning up yuck from a child sick with the stomach flu?! I want to reply, “Are you kidding me, Lady?!”

    I, too, have little ones growing WAY too fast and feel the urgency to ‘get it all in’ — both academically and spiritually preparing them for life, but also the need to enjoy them and savor all I can out of these years that I will never get back — their sweetness, teasing, belly-laughs, the closeness, and the simplicity and purity of their life as it is right now.

    One day my house will be clean from top to bottom every day with everything in place — because it will be empty. For a person who never used to cry over anything ever, I find that I am a blubbering idiot now that I have children — perspective has COMPLETELY changed and everything puts a knot in my throat. I hear your heart, my friend. Lord, help us to make the most of this precious time.

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