the dead sea

“I don’t want this group to be just another Bible Study,” said the facilitator of the new small group I’m considering joining. “Most of us already receive the Word from multiple sources.”

He’s right.

I study peace-making in Sunday School.

I study Joseph through the Sunday morning series.

I study Jeremiah on every other Thursday.

I have podcasts from John Piper.

I’m reading three different books with different Christian viewpoints.

I study Biblical theology on Sunday afternoons.

I don’t need another Bible study.

I’m reminded of the Dead Sea. Rivers full of minerals flow into the Dead Sea, but nothing flows out of it. The salinity and mineral deposits are so dense that nothing lives, thus the name Dead Sea.

I’m the Dead Sea.

So many pieces of truth are flowing into me, but what is flowing out of me? Am I serving more? Am I loving more? Am I gentler with my sons? Am I meditating and wrestling with the things I don’t understand?

I need accountability.

I need intimate worship with close friends.

I need prayer from a circle of few who truly know me.

I need encouragement.

I need to serve, to love, to give.


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