My Favorite Photos of Me | A Capture Your 365 Blog Hop

My son Jacob enjoys photography nearly as much as I do, and one of the benefits of his passion is that I am often his subject.  Nothing reveals my vanity and pride more than my desire to edit his pictures of me.   However, once I get past my appearance, I enjoy his photos of me.   He tries to capture me going about my day, and I remind myself that this is what I look like to my family and friends.

Here are my favorite pictures of myself, shot by Jacob.

On a photowalk with Jacob, March 12, 2012. Image

Sitting in the schoolroom, February 9, 2012. Image

With Joseph, March 8, 2012. Image

With my sister Leslie, April 8, 2012. Image

Practicing a silhouette,  April 18, 2012. Image

Swimming, May 4, 2012. Image

Who takes pictures of you?  Do you let them?

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When I Can’t Delete | A Capture Your 365 Blog Hop

With five boys, 3 dogs, 46 chickens, and 40 acres, I never run out of subjects to photograph.  Each day I critically compare pictures, sometimes dozens, trying to whittle down to one favorite.  Some days are easy.  On the days with too many choices I involve my family, letting them voice what they consider beautiful, intriguing or memorable. Once the decision is made, I delete, delete, and delete.

But these I can’t delete.  I’m too attached to them.

A boy and his dog.

An afternoon full of energy. 

Brothers, oldest with youngest. 

A kiss. 

What pictures do you hang on to?

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